When Did Live Blood Analysis Begin?

In 1658, the Dutch naturalist Jan Swammerdam (1637–1680) was the first person to observe red blood cells under the microscope; it took until 1843 for the first leukocytes to be discovered under a microscope.

Between 1843 and 2022 not a lot has changed for blood microcopy, the technique of observing live blood through a glass has been consistent.

The technology to record what we see has changed. In our blood microscopy sessions, we record your blood and double check any anomalies with our database of over a thousand images.

If you want to see what Jan Swammerdam saw, and get some answers on what may be in your blood, come and see us at SAVA Lifecare. Our specialists will use this traditional tech, along with cutting edge data science to give you informative results about your blood.

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