Live Blood Analysis - What's the Deal?

If it were quick and painless and could potentially benefit you, would you want to take a real close look at your blood? Doctors take your blood during exams and send it off to a lab; you do see it if you get a cut, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. I’m talking about an up close and personal microscopic view of your blood – fresh – on the big screen. I’m talking about live blood analysis (LBA). Aside from the pure coolness and immediacy of seeing what is flowing through your veins, you might get a sense of the importance of how much it does for you, and that maybe you can do better at taking care of it!

Among other things, blood carries oxygen and nutrients around and to the body and carries out waste. It is made up of red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma. Each of these components of your blood has its own job to do. If you live at a high altitude with less oxygen, if you eat too much sugar, if you drink too much alcohol, if you catch malaria, evidence of these things can show up in your blood. You can see it right on the screen.

Live blood analysis consists of a test, similar to a live blood smear in a lab, which requires only a finger prick and is performed right in the office by a certified practitioner. It is the only way to observe live blood cells and is called “dark field blood microscopy”. Vital information about what is going on inside your body can be seen. The test is done with a light field microscope that is connected to a specialized video camera which feeds the real time image to a monitor so you the patient can observe your own blood along with the practitioner. The light rays on the microscope are diverted and shine in from the side against a dark background. This prevents the heat of the light from killing the cells and allows for a greater depth and view. Your red and white blood cells are brought into view along with debris or, for example, parasites that may be present. There may be evidence of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicities such as mold or fungus, organ stress and potential digestion issues going on that can be indicated by what is seen in your blood.

While our practitioner cannot diagnose diseases or medical conditions, you can see for example, an individual white blood cell actively growing around and fighting a bacterium – doing its job – or a tiny wiggling parasite, or odd shaped red blood cells. Some people disagree that there is anything to it. But one look at your own blood and you have to accept that something important is going on here.

At New Genesis Health, our LBA practitioner is Linda. Linda has been doing health and wellness evaluations for over thirty years and has been certified for LBA for almost ten years. This combined with her knowledge of herbs and alternative wellness approaches has provided her with a stellar reputation among her clients. We would love for you to come by and meet Linda and see our wellness center in Wheat Ridge, CO, and of course, schedule your own live blood analysis!

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