Save LifeCare's Blood Imaging Analysis (BIA) includes a health and nutritional profile, provided by Tiffany Kiro. Sitting together, after a finger prick, you and Tiffany review your health by viewing your blood on a large monitor. Vitamin/mineral deficiencies, toxicities, organ stress, digestion and parasitic organisms can be identified.  

This test is done with a light field microscope, used in biologic research. With this we use a specialized video camera, which feeds the real time image to a television monitor so you the patient can follow the whole test as it is happening.

From the information gathered during the test, we can identify several key factors. We then use this information to determine exactly what your body needs.

Upon arrival, your health profile is collected to identify current and past health and nutritional history. This overall process, which takes approximately two hours, provides visible insight into your well-being.

This blood imaging analysis, combined with the BIA and Tiffany's background in nutrition, herbal supplements and fitness competitions, allow her to suggest impactful changes to diet, exercise and herbal remedies.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled for 40-days after your initial appointment. Your progress is reviewed, and any tweaks and a maintenance plan are presented.

Come see your blood with Tiffany today! Call 1.800.452.2324 to schedule an appointment.