System Fresh

Cascara Sagrada (no not hakuna matata!) is one of the ingredients in System Fresh,
The Green Herb’s herbal detox supplement. While doing its thing as part of
detoxing your system this “sacred bark” is said to exercise the colon muscles. That’s
right! You can get your exercise and your detox too, all while sitting at your desk or
watching TV! Well, it’s probably not going to replace your regular work out routine,
but it’s good to know that there’s hope for the colon that gets a little jammed up
from time to time.
Back in the day cascara sagrada was used by Native Americans as a natural laxative.
It grows naturally in North America and is part of the Rhamnaceae family of plants,
shrubs and trees. It is a distant cousin to the lilac plant but let’s leave the lilac for its
amazing aromatic properties for now …. As part of the total ingredient package of

System Fresh, cascara sagrada is a work horse that pulls its own weight.
System Fresh is one of our best sellers over many years and personally I can vouch for it, but that’s all
I’m going to say about that. If you have undigested proteins or feel a bit stopped up, we recommend
System Fresh. But keep in mind that when you are in the detox zone you’ll want to stay close to the

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