Blood Sugar: Insulin Makes You Fat


There is a huge problem these days with blood sugar issues.  According to Fox News, 1 in 2 or 3 people will be diabetic by 2020. The reports state that more and more people are becoming diabetic daily.


Sadly, people have become increasingly concerned about fats than they are about sugar and carbohydrates.  The key to better health is not so much about limiting saturated fat, but about AVOIDING insulin provoking foods such as refined carbs and sugars.


Insulin protects organs from damage by reducing blood glucose levels.  We produce insulin as needed when there is a rapid rise in blood glucose.  If we do not produce insulin, he glucose levels just become too high.  Insulin lowers or removes this excess glucose from the blood by storing it as fat within the body.  Insulin is a fat storage hormone. 


A balanced diet-protein, vegetables and salads-causes the body to produce the glucagon hormone. When glucagon is released, body fat and cholesterol are burned for energy, rather than stored as fat.  Glucagon promotes optimal blood glucose levels; cholesterol levels; body fat burning; and energy production.


Insulin and glucagon are inversely related.  When insulin is “needed” or produced, glucagon is not produced.


This is why a balanced diet high in protein, vegetables, and salads with NO sugar is so vastly important to all of us-especially diabetic and hypoglycemic people who have been told they are insulin resistant or borderline diabetic. 


The weight loss in some diabetics is or can be “muscle wasting” because of high insulin levels causing the body to burn muscle tissue for energy, as an alternate glucose source for the brain and body energy. 


Too much insulin, as hypoglycemia, actually causes brain cells to die.  People who are hypoglycemic are much more susceptible to dementia/Alzheimer’s than people with balanced blood sugar.  So with high insulin production, when your blood sugar drops, you can have nervousness, irritability, weakness, intense hunger, sugar cravings, tremors, tearfulness, impatience (and outright anger), headaches, vision disturbances, drowsiness, inability to cope, sweating, dizziness, confusion, tingling or numbness, and in some cases fainting and seizures!


We at The Green Herb encourage you to AVOID sugar, aspartame (which can cause a myriad of other problems) and avoid sweetener that has maltodextrin.



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