Linda's Blog

I’m 4th generation in a family who has been involved in natural and herbal prevention and healing methods. In my younger years, I took medical courses and even started preparing to become a nurse. My first lab was so intense that I could not continue. However, still wanting to help people with their health, I turned more fully toward nutritional supplements, herbal formulating and food preparation. Twenty years ago, Tom and I started The Green Herb as a business.

Since then, we have been privileged to help many people with their health, which always involves some lifestyle changes. Here at the store, by phone and now by the Internet, we do free consultations. That involves filling out a Confidential Health and Nutrition Profile. We also ask a lot of questions about cleansing (bowel & kidney), what you eat, drink and crave, medication past and present, lab tests, supplements and what are YOU trying to accomplish health wise.

We consider it a blessing to be able to help others achieve their health goals, or to be able to do whatever they want to in life in all of their life stages from infancy to elder. This blog is just another way to bring some of the information I’ve gathered over my many years, to you. I’ll write my views on things I’ve experienced and things I hear on the news, radio or in print.

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